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16 Jul 2020

UK Piloting Contract Tracing App For Isle of Wight

On May 5, the UK began managing a contact tracing mobile application on the Isle of Wight. After over a month, the mobile app has everything but faded from the public talk about the strategy of the government to fight the coronavirus pandemic. As the broader contact tracing system comes into action, we still are unaware of what happened in the pilot – and how it was planned to shape …

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20 Feb 2020

Explore The Isle Of Wight Archaeological Society Sites

If the public has heard of or wants to explore the Isle of Wight, most people recall the Needles.  It is the most prominent landmark on the isle, a lineup of rocks running out into the sea from mounting chalk cliffs with at the top, the Needles lighthouse.

The chalk downland of Tennyson Down And West High Down, over these cliffs, is home to some of Britain’s rarest wildlife. Just …

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24 Sep 2019

Annual Isle of Wight Music Festival Scheduled for 2020

Formerly endowed as a celebration of counterculture in the late 1960s, the award-winning Isle of Wight Festival is famous for kicking off the UK’s summer of significant music events in style. With a mix of legendary music icons and hot up and coming support acts, its lineup never disappoints — and the vast range of rides, refreshments, and other diverse entertainment on offer, keep visitors entertained at all hours! Whether …

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1 Aug 2018


Drones Are Bringing Thermal Imaging To Archaeology

The key to any successful archaeological dig is knowing precisely where to look before making the first move for excavation. The better the image of what lies below the surface before digging, the better the chance of starting a project in precisely the right place and getting the best results.

Work with drones and thermal imaging has shown that these UAVs could allow …

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25 Jul 2018

Living In South England

The Appeal Of Bonchurch For Newcomers To The Isle of Wight

Settling on the Isle of Wight to create a holiday getaway is nothing knew. The royal family built Osborne House here and in doing so, Victoria started a trend that hasn’t gone away.

The houses up for sale for new residents and second-home owners are often from the same period, if not exciting new builds, but the locations vary …

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23 Jul 2018

The Bonchurch Walk Of South Coast

Explore The Delights Of The Isle Of Wight’s South Coast On The Bonchurch Walk


The scenic charm of the southern coast of the Isle of Wight is one that is much admired by holiday makers and hikers. Many walks of varying length can be enjoyed through the villages and cost paths. Some are made for the avid trekker full of perseverance and need to explore; others are more leisurely,

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27 Jun 2018

Lodging And Dining In Bonchurch

Lodging And Dining In Bonchurch, Isle of Wight

When choosing a destination on the southern coast of the Isle of Wight, it is easy to think of Ventnor as the place to dine and stay as it is the vibrant town with the more noticeable cultural draw.


The truth is that the island has such close links to its food and such an array of places to stay, …

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29 Jul 2016

6 Unique Churches In Isle of Wight

6 Unique Churches To Discover On The Isle of Wight


The Isle of Wight is known for many things – perhaps most notably the magnificent landscape, climate and sailing opportunities – but it is much more than a holiday destination. Islanders have lived, worked and worship ad here for centuries and there is a strong connection to religion.


This has developed significantly over the centuries, and there …

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4 Jul 2016

Bonchurch Is One Of The Best Place To Live

Why Bonchurch Is Ranked As One Of The Best Places To Live By The Sea


The Isle of Wight is full of vibrant seaside locations that are all out to attract a range of holiday makers, new residents, and even second home owners.


While the latter may be a subject of contention with some of the locals, with questions over the amount that they bring to a small

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27 Jun 2016

Visit Isle Of Wight

Visit The Isle of Wight This Summer

The Isle of Wight has always been a great tourist destination in the summer months, but this summer program provides, even more, entertainment. A Festival of the Sea is an apt summer pastime for a small island in an area of British waters, especially one so steeped in naval and sailing traditions.

This summer event is ideal for sailors, families and all kinds

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