Why Bonchurch Is Ranked As One Of The Best Places To Live By The Sea


The Isle of Wight is full of vibrant seaside locations that are all out to attract a range of holiday makers, new residents, and even second home owners.


While the latter may be a subject of contention with some of the locals, with questions over the amount that they bring to a small community.


There is no doubt that some of the more affluent post codes on the Island are a haven for families that want to own a summer holiday home in a more tranquil, appealing location.


Residents on the southern coast of the island have long known that Bonchurch, just a few miles to the East of the most well-known town of Ventnor, was something of a hidden gem.


Even Charles Dickens knew it when he chose to stay in Winter borne the House to right David Copperfield. Now it seems that the secret is well and truly out.


In 2015, The Times Created Their List Of The 30 Best Places To Live By The Sea In Britain And This Small Village Ranked In An Impressive 5th Place.

Best Place To LiveIt seems that not only are local islanders well aware of the charms of Bonchurch and its potential as a place to settle and retire, but mainland residents also see the benefits of relocating and setting up a second home here.


The village is split between the two demographics – the lucky Islanders that have done well enough to retreat to a more peaceful part of the island (away from the “rush” of the country town) and the wealthy elite that want an island holiday home with a view that doesn’t involve yachts and marinas. That is what Cowes is it.


The added appeal with Bonchurch is that this is a village community that second home owners and holiday makers want to be a part of it. It is easy to come to an area for a couple of summer months, enjoy the scenery – such as nearby Horseshoe Bay – and then leave the property empty for the rest of the year.


 The charm of Bonchurch, however, means that people want to stay and make the most of what is on offer. The wealth of community events, the friendly atmosphere –again, no sailing culture on this part of the coast – and the village amenities keep new residents rooted to their new homes.


There is the church, the duck pond, the Bonchurch Inn – which is not as secret as the Times appears to think – and plenty of cafes and other opportunities.


Bonchurch Is Small And Pricey, But It Is Unique And Attractive On Many Levels.


Best Place To LiveThe Times gushed over the positive qualities of this as the village, with a strong emphasis on the proper ties and houses prices. Bonchurch is seen as a “better postcode” than Ventnor – with its attractive Victorian homes, grand villas, and quaint cottages – and it was emphasized that some of the prime real estates in areas like Bonchurch Chute cost around £1.5million.


Apparently, a move to Bonchurch should not be considered lightly and a holiday home here is a significant investment. Even so, it is apparently working for a lot of people, and the appeal is yet to diminish.