Events In Bonchurch Village


When we think of the events capitals of the Isle of Wight, it is easy to focus on the cultural hubs of Newport and Ventnor or the sailing institution that is Cowes, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the island is devoid of life, events and a community spirit.


Bonchurch may be a small village, just tucked away from Ventnor on the lands lip of the southern coast, but it has a sense of history and community spirit that runs deep through its social calendar. Far from creating an insular “locals-only” environment, visitors are welcomed to the village to experience the local customs, join in with festive celebrations and perhaps leave their small mark on the day.


Celebrate The Best Of The Summer And Winter Months With Bonchurch Residents.


Once known as Bonecerce, from the Anglo-Saxon for St Boniface’s church, the village is seen in the Domesday Book and has been a part of the development of the Isle of Wight ever since. Bonchurch village is made up of a series of key landmarks that provide the location for events, both religious and secular in tone.


There are events to mark the festival calendar – notably Easter and Christmas – but there are also celebrations of the landscape and community of the year. This is seen in the church services, the festivals, and even the spring quiz at the inn. There are two churches in the village – the old and the new – and a small congregation has gathered there for centuries.


One of the other focal points of the community is the large duck pond where the local inhabitants – both avian and aquatic – are commonly fed. Here the festive theme continues as locals decorate the area for the holidays in a communal effort to spread good cheer. The ideal place to spend an afternoon after a Christmas church service.



Of course, Bonchurch is more than a typical village, as it is seen as one of the more picturesque parts of the southern coastline. In addition to the rock pool-filled beach that draws in the holiday makers, there is the village green – where the free fete takes place in May – and the gardens of the properties and villas.


The location provides the perfect climate for more exotic plant life and bold flowers. The middle of July is the ideal time to come and see the splendor of these gardens because this is when Bonchurch holds its Village Open Gardens Weekend. The event is ticketed, but for just £5 you can roam the open gardens, ride the shuttle bus to the village and enjoy a cream tea in the sunshine.


Buy A Ticket And Help The Village Prosper.


The great thing about these small ticketed events is that not only can they become big enough to attract visitors from across the island during the peak tourist periods, but it also allows the tourists to give something back.


The money raised from these events is put back into the community to provide greater resources and opportunities for the village. This great ongoing relationship means that Bonchurch village can ensure its place as a top tourist attraction on the Isle of Wight for years to come.