The Appeal Of Bonchurch For Newcomers To The Isle of Wight

Settling on the Isle of Wight to create a holiday getaway is nothing knew. The royal family built Osborne House here and in doing so, Victoria started a trend that hasn’t gone away.

The houses up for sale for new residents and second-home owners are often from the same period, if not exciting new builds, but the locations vary in fashion. Ventnor will always be on the shortlist, but it is nearby Bonchurch that rises to the top of the wish list for many.


Living In South EnglandIt is easy to see Ventnor as the place to go and settle on the Isle of Wight; it is the largest settlement of the south coast, nicely situated with views of the channel rather than the shipping lanes of the Solent.


It has long been seen as a great place to buy a second home and a modern town with a different climate and high sea front. House prices are high, but not beyond the reach of the wealthy that want a second holiday home to retire to offshore, and it is very much seen as the getaway for the city folk.


Londoners wanting sea air could travel to the usual coastal seaside resorts, or they could get the ferry over to an island retreat. What many people on the UK mainland do not realize, however, is that it is far from being the only great place to stay in – or indeed live in – on the southern coast of the Isle of Wight.

There is always Bonchurch, a town that came in as The Time’s 5th best place to live by the sea in 2015 (Ventnor had merely come 28th in their best places for a second home list).

Just Along The Coastline, Bonchurch Provides A Different Atmosphere And Great Views.


As an old village Bonchurch is a lot smaller, and perhaps there is a lot less going on, but this precisely what many city dwellers and main landers want from their holiday home location – somewhere quaint, unique and unlike the area they just left behind. Bonchurch can provide that with its peaceful landscape around Horseshoe Bay and the Bonchurch Inn and churches (old and new) providing the ideal sense of atmosphere and community.


The property options are pretty good too. The area was extensively redeveloped to add exclusive private villas during the Victorian era, turning the area into a holiday destination as much as a local village.

There was even a cultural connection with numerous artists and writers spending periods here in the 19th century – if Charles Dickenscould find the inspiration to write David Copperfield there, it must be the ideal getaway spot.


To say that there is something in the water here is an understatement – people have settled near the water spring since the stone age and been drawn to the area continuously for the rejuvenating vibe and the sea air.


Bonchurch is not cheap, with some of these six-bed Victorian properties going for over 1 million in 2015, but it is worth it for those that have the chance to invest there. Whether visitors stay there for a week in a B&B or a season in a holiday home, the location can have a profound effect.