Some Of  Best Places To Visit On The Isle Of Wight


It is always fun to be able to escape the mainland of any country and explore one of its islands. The pace of life, the landscape, and the cultural differences are often enough for many couples and families to see the appeal in these getaways, but the Isle of Wight can offer much more to provide a great vacation.


This island in the English channel is full of cultural experiences,greatcentersofdiscoveryandsomeuniquefamilyfriendlydestinationsthat combine to provide a week full of exciting days out. The following four attractions for summer 2016 are just a taste of what can be enjoyed.




There are plenty of galleries and exhibits in place around the island at different times of the year, but what makes the Desaturated exhibit so unique for 2016 is the fact that has been extended due to interest.


Keen art fans on the island flocked to the show at The People’s Gallery, Ryde, drawn by the aesthetic appeal and simplicity of the pieces, and now tourists are encouraged to follow before it is too late.


The exhibit is rather simplistic on the surface – 5 artists have taken inspiration from the materials, landscape and other factors from the area and showcased their views and expressions in a monochrome design.


The works range from paintings and drawings to sculpture and ceramics, so there is a great diversity of works and plenty to appeal to art lovers from different disciplines. It may not be the family-friendly attraction of the other options mentioned here, but it does show the breadth of attractions that are available here and the way that the Island can cater to multiple demographics and tastes.


The Dinosaur Farm:


Isle Of WightThis Newport attraction goes by the much longer, but more interesting name of the Dinosaur Expeditions, Conservation &Palaeo art Centre. While there is plenty for the kids to see and do regarding amusements and games, there is also a serious, scientific side of the site that increases its appeal.


The Isle of Wight is part of a vast area of Palau on logical interest due to the number of bones and fossils that have been discovered and it is here at the center that visitors can see a range of finds and learn about the history and biology behind them. There are also some trips organized to the beach to find some more in a safe, responsible manner.


Again, art plays a bit part in the experience on offer here, and there are some great opportunities for visitors to express their feelings and knowledge through what is known as Palaeoart.


There are works on display by key artists – such as Nick Chase, Nigel George, Robert Nichols and David Angus – but there are also DINOART days in the summer where visitors can use paint and clay to create their interpretations of the fossils and creatures.


Blackgang Chine:


Isle Of WightOf course, the dinosaur farm is not the only place on this historic island where kids can find some large, scaly friends to play with. For adults, Blackgang Chine is a strange mismatch of themes and quite the sensory experience; for kids, it is a magical wonderland full of weird attractions and characters that are sure to spark the imagination long after the holiday is over. This South coast attraction is a mini theme park full of weirdness and wonderful zones.


One minute you will be in the Wild West, learning how to be the sheriff and throwing any troublesome outlaws in jail, the next the island paradise will transform into the scene of a nautical adventure complete with pirates on board ship.


Older, thrill-seeking kids can enjoy the excitement of the rides – like the roller coaster and water slides – while younger children can benefit from the immersion into the fantasy land and dress up.


The great thing about the free entry for seven days means that families can have a pirate adventure at the start of the week and choose to go and see the dinosaurs or the fairy princess at the end of the week.

With so many old zones from the Jurrasic era to the 18th century and so many weird characters and attractions, like the all-new Hall of Mirrors, it is impossible to get bored here.


Ventnor Botanic Garden:


Isle Of WightThe final appeal to be highlighted here is one that will be familiar to many that have visited the island before. The Botanic Garden is a must-see destination for anyone coming to the Isle of Wight because of the sheer beauty of the gardens and the fact that there is something here for everyone.


Retired couples taking a relaxing break by the sea can gently amble through the different zones to admire the diversity of plant life and family can be assured that even the kids will be entertained thanks to the inclusion of the Children’s trail worksheet and outdoor playground.


This garden won the Wight in Bloom award for 2015 and was ranked joint second for best garden tourist attraction. The reason for this comes down to some different factors.

A lot of the success is attributed to the incredible climate that allows for such a range of plants, but the attraction would be nothing without the hard work of the designers and horticulturists that created the areas and facilities.


There are exotic plants from the Mid, Australia, and South Africa and plenty of rare species that may have never been seen by the average gardener.

Exciting Attractions Can Be Found All Over The Island.


This is just a taste of the major attractions that can be consulted on the Isle of Wight; there are many tourist spots and interesting places dotted around the island from North to South and plenty of events to fill up a holiday.


Whether you come to the island for the scenery, the sailing, the culture or just some good old-fashioned family fun, it is easy to find somewhere to go every single day of the holiday and to be inspired by what you see. This may be a small island off the south coast, but it clearly has a big personality.


For adults, Blackgang Chine is a strange mismatch of themes and quite the sensory experience; for kids, it is a magical wonderland full of weird attractions and characters that are sure to spark the imagination long after the holiday is over.