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25 Jul 2018

Living In South England

The Appeal Of Bonchurch For Newcomers To The Isle of Wight

Settling on the Isle of Wight to create a holiday getaway is nothing knew. The royal family built Osborne House here and in doing so, Victoria started a trend that hasn’t gone away.

The houses up for sale for new residents and second-home owners are often from the same period, if not exciting new builds, but the locations vary …

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29 Jul 2016

6 Unique Churches In Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is known for many things – perhaps most notably the magnificent landscape, climate, and sailing opportunities – but it is much more than a holiday destination. Islanders have lived, worked, and worshiped here for centuries and there is a strong connection to religion.


This has developed significantly over the centuries, and there is a clear religious identity here that is a little different from the …

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