Visit The Isle of Wight This Summer

The Isle of Wight has always been a great tourist destination in the summer months, but this summer program provides even more Isle of Wight events, and entertainment. A Festival of the Sea is an apt summer pastime for a small island in an area of British waters, especially one so steeped in naval and sailing traditions.


This summer event is ideal for sailors, families, and all kinds of holidaymakers that want to experience the sun, sea, sand, and sails in a unique location.

Sailing From Cowes

Isle of WightIt is all about sailing, sailing, and more sailing on the Isle of Wight across the summer months as keen yachtsmen take their boats over to the ports of the island for a little light soiling on the channel and top competitors battle the coastline and each other.


Naturally, Cowes is the top destination for nautical enthusiasts coming to the area as it is home to some of the best races and spectacles.  The links between the island and sailing are robust and historical, with numerous events gracing the shore and top names either living here or making the most of the opportunities.


Both Dame Ellen MacArthur and Olympic gold medalist Shirley Robertson have made their home here, and Sir Ben Ainslie regularly sails here. June saw the return of the Solitare du Figaro and this summer also sees the spectacular Round the Island Race.



This track is ideal for holidaymakers and newcomers that are interested in the event, but not so wise to the world of sailing. The boats can be viewed from the different coastal locations as they travel the circumference of the island – taking in the needles and other landmarks.

Visitors can take in the atmosphere in Cowes, enjoy a package with a spectator boat or watch from a beach with a cream tea.


Other Nautical Delights On The Island

Isle of Wight events this summerWhile much of the sailing takes place in and around Cowes, there are plenty of other great events and cultural attractions in Ventnor and other locations to add some diversity and unique experiences to the summer holiday.


This island is blessed with the English Channel looking out towards France on the southern coast and the northern shipping lanes towards the Solent and the Hampshire and Dorset coastline.


That means there are plenty of opportunities over the summer months for walks and cycle rides along the coast paths and some sandcastle building and sunbathing on the beaches.


One oddity to add to this list of exciting experiences is happening at the Puckpool Park Tea Gardens during this Festival of the Sea. The garden is exhibiting work by the internationally renowned figurehead carver, Norman Gates. Having seen the modern sailing vessels circling the water provides a chance to see some of the artistry that goes into some of the grander ships on the water.


Don’t Forget The Villages And Lesser-Known Areas On Your Deep-Sea Exploration.

Visitors across this period are encouraged to spend the days in the towns and the vibrant shorelines and to retreat to the villages like Bonchurch when the sun begins to set. It is all about the celebration of the seaside location.


It is impossible to forget that this English destination, is surrounded on all sides by the water so whether travelers head on the coast, they will be best by massive sea air, scenic views, great beaches, and seafood lunches.


It is not just about sailing and boats; it is also about the natural landscape, dining opportunities, and relaxation. There are lots of places to eat and drink, and be merry right on the seashore with a cream team, crab salad, or something a little more continental. This is true in Ventnor, and it is just as true in Bonchurch and other small villages.

Other Summer Seaside Events

The Isle Of Wight events are throughout the Summer and are sure to be a hit with tourists.  This small island on the south coast has never lost touch with its roots and has a strong identity formed by the ocean. This is seen in the prominent sailing events, of which there are now many across the year, but it is clear that there is more to do than just enjoy a boat trip from Cowes.

The island is making the most of its locations and culture this summer with this Festival of the Sea, and it is sure to delight and inspire.